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New playlist with recommended documentaries on different CP.

The results of extensive research and own experiments from recent years. Ideal for dark winter days. View the whole playlist (starts automatically) or only single movies, selectable by clicking on the line symbol (1/10) in the upper left corner. All in HD, ideal for a large monitor. Irmgard and I wish you a good entertainment and a successful CP-season 2019.

1) Venus Flytrap Prey Capture
2) Catapulting Sundew (short footage)
3) Pitcher Plants Capture Mice
4) CP-Bug Mutualisms
5) Spiderleg Sundew Emergences (section Arachnopus)
6) The True Indian Sundew
7) Byblis & Lindernia: Motion and Enzymetests
8) The European Bladderworts (Utricularia)
9) Pygmy Drosera: Rapid Catapults
10) Fluorescent CP traps



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