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Well, I have recently had a wake up call having been rather relaxed about my greenhouse heating in the past, as 2 out of 3 of the heating elements failed in my fan heater just before Christmas. Luckily the weather has been mild, so the remaining 1kw bar kept the temperature up reasonably until I replaced the elements ( an old Parwin heater, luckily I bought a set of spares before Parwin ceased trading).
So now I am thinking of some sort of remote temperature alarm. My greenhouse is too far away from the bedroom (assuming a failure is most likely to occur when I am asleep!) for a Bluetooth device to work, so some sort of WiFi gadget would be ideal. Any one got any ideas?


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I got a Netatmo indoor and outdoor sensors for Christmas. Rather good. Temp, humidity and pressure for the greenhouse and co2, temp, noise for the indoor (We have a 3 month old, so will be good to get a long term look at the nursery)


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I have an oregon scientific weather station with a number of remote temperature/humidity sensors. One of these is in the greenhouse, another in the conservatory.  Work well most of the time - the greenhouse one did fail after 18 months but was replaced under warranty. Can see al the details from the console that is wall mounted in the kitchen - takes upto 10 sensors if needed.

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I am using the TFA Klimalogg pro with one sensor in the greenhouse about 15m away.

Until now it works as expected and especially the alarms are helpful. Below
6 deg C the alarm triggers and I can look after the greenhouse heating - occurs
only during the night of course, but is loud enough...

Last week:



Temperature last year:



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If you can access a WiFi network from your greenhouse you can easily build a system like those with an inexpensive ESP8266 (for example a NodeMCU module) and a temperature/relative humidity sensor like AM2303. Then you can upload the data on ThingSpeak (with a free account) and access them from everywhere, there should be also smartphone applications which can be connected to your ThingSpeak channel to have the data on your home screen in real time.

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