More Lost Posts - Wednesday 12 December!

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@Richard Bunn

Yesterday (Tuesday 11 December) I made 2 posts to the forum in the Sales and Wants UK Section.  Both as far as I remember in 'Looking for Tuberous Drosera Seeds'  They were both posted and were there visible last night.  This morning (Wednesday) both of my posts have disappeared.  I am a new forum member and have made  4 posts since the forum 'problems' over the weekend.  I know my profile said I had made 4 posts as I checked last night.  This morning my profile says I have made just 2 posts highlighting the fact 2 of my posts yesterday have disappeared.

Also yesterday, Matt Cob re-posted his long list of drosera seeds which was lost with the weekend forum problems.  He made 2 threads and then deleted one as it was a dulpicate. I know this for a fact because I was studying his lists yesterday.  Again this morning (Wednesday) his drosera seed list has disappeared.

I have no idea if other posts have disappeared since yesterday, but clearly there is still a serious problem with new posts and replies not showing up in the forum.


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This ought to get rectified today.  I'll ask our developer if he took a more recent backup during the changeover (which is still happening).  It may be possible to get them back.  Changeover issues were a possibility.  Sorry.

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