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So after 6 weeks or thereabouts we finally got some much needed rain down here in the SE, when I got home from work and after some heavy downpours I went to check the barrels that had been dry for a month. 

There was only about 10cm in the bottom of each barrel?,  I was expecting them to be half to three quarters full?. 

After checking all pipes, guttering and divertors for blockages I finally realised I'd left both taps open after cleaning them!.

What a pleb I am...... 

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Got the t-shirt for doing this in the past too. Also leaving the small pump on in my outside butt that I use for transferring water into the greenhouse. Result, empty butt and burnt out pump.....

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Oops Dunc, ( when I typed Dunc it autocorrected to Dunce :rolleyes: ) 

I'm relieved I'm not the only wazzock on here ! . 

@TeaCake Thank you for your commiserations!, I did manage to collect up a fair amount since but looking like us Kenties are in for another dry spell.

Where abouts in Kent are you TC ?, there's a couple of us about, my nearest hobbyist is Gravesend.

cheers chris

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Ahhhh, I know Orpington a bit and I used to work at cokes just down the road in foots cray... I'm guessing it's the same fella in gravesend,  I've collected some plants from him a couple of years back.

He used to always have listing on eBay but can't say I've seen him lately.

I'm down in chavvy Chatham :blink:

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Coke is just round the corner from me. I’m in St Paul’s Cray. Small world! I keep meaning to message the chap in Gravesend about going to see what he’s got available. The stuff he has on his FB listings looks really nice!

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