can I take my plants outside?

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Hello everyone!
I was considering if I can take my carnivorus plants outside? I live in a flat so I can take them to balcony. Maybe fresh air will be good for them, but I am a bit worried if it won't damage them. In natural conditions they live only outside, but such change..can it be dangerous for them? Now they are in room situated in south side, balcony is situated in west side.  

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Hi Hayley. It depends on what types a CPs you have. 

If you have Pinguiculas, Nepenthes, D. Adelae etc then keep them inside.

For most other CPs I would move them out into full sun, if your balcony gets enough hours of direct sun. Hard to call without knowing your growing conditions. My plants are against a west facing wall, they get full sun from around 11am through to about 5pm at the moment and they love it.

If you have modern double glazing then it may be filtering out UV light so if you take them out to the balcony the natural light may be stronger then the plants are used too. I would move them out for a few hours a day for a week or two to start (avoid mid day sun), once they are used to it then move them out full time during the spring and summer, move them back inside late autumn if they are not cold tolerant or don’t need a winter dormancy.

My main concern would be strong winds drying out or damaging the plants if your flat is high up. If your balcony is windy then probably best to keep them inside.

Having said all that; if your plants are red, dewy and looking healthy then they may be happy where they are. If they are lacking dew, looking green and leggy, reaching for the sun then consider moving them.

Take it slow and watch to see how the plants react. 

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