watering orchids

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Hello everyone. I was curious, what is your method of watering orchids? 
I know that there are many of them. If it goes to me, I make them a "bath" once week in boiled water. I put them in water for 10 minutes and then I leave them to dry. Once a two weeks I add fertilizer to the water. What about you? What method are you using?

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Stick them under running water from the tap (46 tds) until the roots turn green again, let them drain then place back on a west facing window. Feed every 2 or 3 weeks 

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Depends on the type; my Phalaenopsis is ok with tap water so gets soaked in that once a week. The Oncidiums get deionised water once a week which I let run of the pots into a pebble tray underneath, which then evaporates until next watering day. They also get a bit of a mist midweek if it's been very hot/dry. The heavy drinkers (the Maxillaria seems to get through water faster than the others) might get an extra bit of water midweek too. In winter is longer between waterings.

I have very low (~40%) humidity so they like the extra misting, but that might not work for other set ups

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