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Stinky water butts

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My water butts are smelling rather rich!  Not much in them now, of course, despite a 5 minute thunderstorm an hour or so ago.

The water coming out of them is a bit frothy as well.  Something is going on in there!

Do I need to be worried or will this rain water still be OK to use?  Should I put something in the butts to stop anything growing?



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Had similar a few times - not a nice smell (but the plants don't mind).  Tend to take it as a hint that the butt needs a wash out - 'stuff' washes in with the rain.  Once the rains return.  A couple of small crystals of pot permang in the butt will often kill the smell for a while if it gets too overpowering.  

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4 hours ago, David Ahrens said:

Potassium permanganate, if you didn't quite catch that..You can get it at the local chemists.

Thanks & apols - knocked out quickly on my phone, should have fully spelled it!

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5 hours ago, David Ahrens said:

I was just wondering how long it take for someone to respond to my comment. I had better be careful in case I get thrown off the forum (again).

True! The rest are watching the ICPS posts on facebook leading up to the conference.  Pure CP porn?

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