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I have got in my collection 4 pinguicula kondoi, one pinguicula martinezii and to pinguicula agnata. I know that these plants prefer acid or alkaline soil, so I grow them now in basis that I prepared (it is a mixture of acid peat, gravel and sand). Now my plants tolerate it, but I know that it isn't the best for them. What are their soil requirements? What mixture should I prepare for them that will be the best?

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I wouldn’t mix acidic peat and gravel and sand because it seems to me that if You mix acidic and calcareus soil it roots faster;-) this Mexican pings grow well in pure sand, gravel, sand and gravel mix, pure volcanic lava, pumice and all this soil mixed... they also can do well in acidic peat and perlite or not calcareus sand, but it is a little harder provide the right water level without danger of rotting;-)

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