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Winter Terrarium

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My cold space I had set aside for wintering my temperate plants is having to be repurposed and I have no outdoors space to use, so I'm looking to put together a terrarium which is cold enough to help my plants through winter.

In terms of planning, I've got as far as a tank with an air conditioning unit and maybe putting in some sort of partition at the bottom which I can put ice under to help bring temperatures down, along with suitable lighting obviously. Other than this I'm really not sure what else might be needed, what sort of air conditioning unit/units to use or what sort of lighting I should really be looking at.

The inhabitants will be a VFT, d. filliformis, s. purpurea and d. californica (subject of course to me not giving in and buying more plants between now and then!). Any advice on this would be very much appreciated.



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interesting idea but I must admit, I have never heard of anyone having a 'winter terrarium'. Normally terrarium is used to keep thing warm and humid, keeping them cold is a completely different situation. I does sound quite expensive to set up and run though.

If you l look at Australian and Tropical forums, the majority of people use the fridge method. Maybe instead of getting a terrarium, you could get a small fridge. Something like the glass-fronted chillers they have in shops (to keep milk, meat etc in) would probably work but a normal fridge would be fine too. And in the summer you can use it for beer...

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