Resurrected Drosera

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Hi everyone. There are a lot of posts in the forum which say do not give up on your Drosera or sown seeds. This is my story of their resilience.

In April I brought a purp. I selected this pot as it had a fantastic Drosera in it, which I’m almost certain is Slackii. In my wisdom I decided to dig up the drosera and plant them in their own pot. What could go wrong, I’ve done this before. The reason for doing this was that I thought they would be smothered by the purp, and a bit of OCD I suppose. There was also a tiny seedling which was being smothered by slime. 

I used some forceps to dig down and lift as much root and soil as possible. Shortly after replanting the seedling vanished and the mature plants shrivelled up and died. I was upset I’d lost such a beautiful plant. Maybe I should have taken it slow and done one at a time to see how it recovers. Maybe I should have taken leaf cuttings first. Maybe I should have waited for flower and seed. Anyway they are dead and lesson learned.

I was going to recycle the pot but had nothing to put into it yet so I left it. A few weeks ago the slime covered seedling reappeared, healthy and doing well. It must be the seedling as it was fresh media and I’ve never had any seed in my collection before (only started keeping sundews again this spring after a 20 year break). Needles to say I was surprised and very pleased. 

Better yet, the drosera in the purp pot popped up again a couple days ago, three months after my disasterous replant attempt. They must be growing from root left behind in the purp pot. I am so happy and relieved, I was convinced I’d lost them.

I certainly will be more cautious in future. 

drosera before repot attempt.


Other side of pot with slime covered seedling visible.


Resurrected drosera in purp pot


Other side


Resurrected seedling, dried husks of mature plants barely visible.


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