Help little spots on my Sarracenia

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Recently I have Been noticing little black spots on my Sarracenia bug bat a week after I got it. The plant is in great condition showing no deformities or illness and these black spots look like they aren't hurting the plant. They also just come of if you scrape them of with my finger. They also have spread to my Sarracenia Judith Hindel and it's driving me crazy i don't know if it's a parasite or If it's natural if you can please reply if you know what it is

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if theyre hard they could be insect feces or theĀ thing im dealing with are the black form of springtails which love to eat mould. Pics would help identification.

The other thing would be soot mould if its not insect related (again, own experience currently), wipe them with watered down rubbing alcohol, the plant leaves cant absorb the alcohol so it doesnt hurt them.

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