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Brown Patches on Pitcher

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Morning all,

Any idea what these brown patches are around the lid and throat of the pitcher?

I’d hope it’s nothing more suspicious than where a build up of heat in the greenhouse has burnt the pitcher- it does get a lot of sun this time of year, about 13 hours.

I’ve got a few plants where the edges of the lid have browned slightly, which I am pretty sure is burning, but in regards to this patterned botching as seen in the picture, only this and one other plant are displaying it out of about 90 plants in the greenhouse.

Interestingly, the other plant displaying these symptoms, a rugelii, was also doing it last year.




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Looks like burning, my peppermint sparkles pitchers have gone red in the same places. This is the next stop if im not careful. Like yours, only a couple are showing this and the rest of my sarracenia are fine.

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