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16 hours ago, S Krelbourn said:

what is the impressive looking large red sarracenia two thirds down the left hand bench?

Hi Phil,

It happens to be one of my favourites... an S. oreophila 'De Kalb' x S. flava var. rubricorpora [MK-O5 x MK-F45]

Grows tall, with a wide throat, big lid, great venation then suddenly turns completely maroon red (as it has done fairly recently).

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Thanks Rich.

Yeah the one front right is deliberately lower (even though it spoils the very neat unified look) to accommodate my taller flava collection, otherwise they'd not only be squashing against the roof but it becomes hard to see and get to those furthest back!

Also have a 60cm-ish area immediately front right (can't really see in the pics) that has no staging allowing for real monsters and/or huge multi-crown potfulls in future.

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