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Should I consider D. Amirabilis to be an annual?


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Hi everyone. I brought a great D. Amirabilis in April which was just about to flower. It’s flowering fine but no new leaves are being produced and the old ones are looking worse for wear. There are no signs of any new leaf buds in the crown. It looks like two suckers are pushing up from the mother plant unless they are hitchhikers. 

I kept in a sheltered position for the first few weeks (morning sun and dappled mid day sun) in a sauces of rain water as it came from a greenhouse. It’s now in full sun (late morning to sunset) again in a tray of rain water.

Is it normal for an Amirabilis to die after flowering?

The first pic is from this morning in all it’s glory. Second is from when I purchased it. Third is again this morning with the two suckers showing.

All advise will be greatly appreciated.







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It also looks very very red. Mine looked/looks like yours when it arrived and it grew 2 flower stalks which are ready to harvest and its pushed up about 6 plantlets which are doing fine. Checking google i havent come across any pictures where the whole leaves are red like yours either. I think its too much sun coupled with the heat and lack of rain/humidity for ages now. Is it still in the greenhouse but with full sun or did you take it out?

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Thanks for the advice guys.

 Great call on the sun Zerbirus, it gets full sun just about all day with most of my other dews.I don’t have a greenhouse, it was in the suppliers greenhouse when I brought it. I’ve no idea why I did not consider the problem was due to my growing conditions, seems obvious now. I was so focused on the flowering being the cause. I’ve now moved it into my porch alongside my D. Adelae which is doing brilliantly. Hopefully it will recover, at least I’ve got the two plantlets and loads of seed along the way. I can experiment with more direct sun when I got more plants.

Thanks again.

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They can be red in intense light. The lack of new leaves is due to the plant spending its energies on producing two flower stalks. I remove mine (from most Drosera) and they grow better for it!

Nigel HC

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Thank you for the advice Nigel.

I suspected the flowering was draining the plant but wow, it put on a great show. It was the first time it flowered so I just had to let it go to flower to appreciate it and get photos for my records. Also need to harvest seed and then grow from seed to complete the experience. Next time it starts to flower I will remove the stalks.

It’s been kept in lower light levels for two weeks now with no change to the mother plant, but it still has a huge mass of flower stalks. It’s finished flowering now so waiting to get some seed and then remove the stalks and see if it recovers. I’m going to trim the stalks down to just a few seed pods, only need a tiny amount of seed to play with.

The three plantlets are doing well. Will keep them in slightly lower light, looking back at the photos I preferred it in its green form.

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