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Selenecerius grandiflora

S Krelbourn

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Last night my selenecerius grandiflora flowered, a truly magnificent flower 11 inches across. It flowers  most years, but last year I missed it as each flower only lasts one night, being at its best around midnight. Truly stunning, but my wife complains that, at six metres long it dominates the room. I say it's a talking point.

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My Selenicereus flowered for me last night, for the first time ever after 9 years. It's a S. chrysocardium, and I'd given up hope that it would ever flower. Got photos of it open but didn't think to measure the bloom. But today I measured the longest petals at 14 cms each (or are those longer, thinner ones really bracts?).

It was half open by mid evening, fully open by midnight. No fragrance but sort of the smell of crushed vegetation. This morning it was closed right up. It is a pity the flowers are so short lived.


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