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My Darlingtonia has recently produced new pitchers. However they don't seem to be producing the forked tongue.

As this is my first year with carnivorous plants I have never seen new pitchers from these Darlingtonia before.

So my question are these going to mature or is something horrible going on and my plant is damaged?

The sphagnum does seem to be getting too deep so I intend to cut it back and give the Darlingtonia more air.

Thanks in advance 



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These are the so called juvenile pitchers, they don't have the characteristic shape. As your plant has already produced mature pitchers, it seems there has been a regression. It's hard to tell what caused it, but most likely it's simply a (temporary) lack of light. It could also just be a runner, which usually grows a couple of juvenile pitchers first before growing up. You don't really need to remove any sphagnum here, but if you do, you'll immediately see whether it's a runner or the main plant sending out the juvenile pitchers.

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Thanks for the advice. The plant has been in amongst my Sarracenia all winter and has had reasonable amounts of light. It did get frozen quite a few times. Obviously there was some very changeable weather swinging from freezing to quite warm and back again in the space of a few days. Maybe that upset it.  I'll move it out from the tall pitchers and give it a bit more direct light.

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