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what factors do i need to consider for the type of plants i want to grow in this type of Terrarium

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Hello I am new to the whole indoor growing carnivorous plants I wish to grow is primarily the rajah with a mixture of other carnivores plants that can be grown in the conditions best suited for the rajah plant

the tank i am going to purchase is this tank thought much-appreciated any tips 


the dimensions of the tank is 36 x 22 x 34



ps, I live in the UK so I will need some grow lights how many watts will i need? combined with fans for the desired temp needed

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Nepenthes Rajah has one of biggest pitchers ( 41 cm high and 20 cm wide) so that tank is good for small plant but when your plant grows you need way bigger tank for it if you want it to mature, Rajah is highland so at day temps should be 20 - 26°C and night 10 - 16°C so you might need cooling for that tank.

I run 60x45x60 tank for my highlands with Hailea HC Chiller HC-250A, day temps rises to 26°C and night temps drops to 14°C, water sirculation is made with 2 Eheim CompactOn's 300 to radiator and 600 to chiller, lights are made from 24W t5's (6500k) and 216W LED panel (7000k).

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