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Chelsea 2018 photos

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Sorry folks, the pictures get smaller as you go because of what you are allowed to post as you go along.

1    Hampshire Carnivorous Plants

2    Hampshire CP's

3   Nigel's stand (Hewitt Cooper CP's)

4 The CPS

5  The CPS

6  The CPS

7  David Tite on Hampshire CP's (in suit).

8 Nigel

9  Steve Cottell, Paul McKeown, Dennis Balsdon, Fiona (in wheel chair)

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Lovely displays as always and thanks for taking the time/ making the effort to post them David.

This forum is very quiet this year, it always goes dead over winter but usually picks up as the plants begin to grow again ?....

Personally I still don't like the site changes that were made and still find it more difficult to navigate through the posts than it was before.

I'e asked questions that have gone unanswered when before there was always a wealth of advice at hand.....

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Thanks for the photos David.  Great to see carnivorous plants displayed so well.

Amazing how the growers get them to the show, flowers and all, without damaging them.  Then the plants look so healthy.  Most plants collapse when moved!

Love the Nepenthes on top of the tree stumps--inspired!


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Fantastic photos.  Many thanks @David Ahrens


@Blocky71 Unfortunately we can't do anything about the changes to the forum software.  We don't design it in-house.  Updates are a necessary evil and are just part of life.  If I don't continue to install updates then eventually the forum just would no longer run and would have to be shut down.  

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Great shots - and we do appreciate it, especially given how awkward this site makes posting pictures!  It is quiet here, I'm having continual connection issues to the site and that with the tapatalk stuff makes me think most people have just given up and gone elsewhere.

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They are nice photos it is a shame that when photos and posts are on face book you can see them then tend to drop off. Were as on here they stay and can be looked at years later.  Can the mod look at a better system  when the next upgrade is due. 


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@keith shoesmith We have no control over the upload process for photos.  We do not design the upgrades.  This forum is powered by Invision IPBS who have a standard software for all forums which use their service.  We have no say in its design features and it's also not free.  I 've looked into changing the settings for maximum allowed image size for the gallery and I've made some changes.  I hope these changes have helped.  

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@David Ahrens Now I've made the changes to the maximum file size allowed can you please try uploading those images again to see if you benefit from these changes? I can't speak for others but I for one would love to see bigger images of Chelsea.  Many thanks.

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@David Ahrens I'll take this post of mine down when you've seen it but this illustrates the result of the changes I've made to the settings.  Larger clickable thumbnails that open full-size images should anyone wish.  I attached these using the 'Choose files' function when I was creating this post.  










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Just as a matter of interest Richard, what have you allowed for the maximum image size now. It used to start off at just under 1 mega pixel, getting smaller as you posted.

I have just put some pictures for BBC Gardeners World on at 700 kilo pixels, which kept the size consistent. 

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