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When will my sarracenia open?


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I repotted it in April and it developed transplant shock; its since recovered and many new pitchers have grown and they do get quite chunky but have still not opened. 

I was wondering if the transplant shock means that they are unlikely to develop all the way to opening this year. 

Ig that’s the case could somebody please give advice as regards giving the plant nutrients which it should be getting through bugs etc. 



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What plant is it? Is it a leuco or leuco hybrid? The pitchers look like they're developing, they should open soon but they won't be big. By next year it should hopefully settle down and put out some bigger pitchers.

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I agree with you it won’t loik healthy- plants usually do take a while to recover when they are repotted and that isn’t just sarracenia; it’s the same with other plants. 

One pitcher is starting to open but probably won’t be all the way until late June honestly. 

 currently in sphagnum and is in a south-garden. 


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