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CP Events this Weekend!

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John Sirkett - Open Evening

Saturday 16th, June 2018   -    5pm- 10pm

A fabulous collection with a vast array of plants. Home built grow areas adorn Johns' vast garden.  John also grows many other plant species.  Must be seen to be believed!

Contact Details:

Address:  Carn View, 46 Lanner Hill, Redruth, Cornwall, TR16 6DA

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Dennis Balsdon - Open Day

Sunday, 17th June 2018 - 10am onwards

The main attractions are large sarracenia and Heliamphora collections, but there are two 12 x 8 and one 8 x 6 greenhouses stuffed with CP's as well as numerous cold frames, mini bogs etc.  There will be many plants for sale in aid of the CPS Conservation Fund at bargain prices/swap and I hope that other people will bring plants along too.

A buffet lunch will be served by my catering manager.

Contact Details:

Address:  13 Stella Road, Preston, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 1BH







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I hope everyone has a great time.  I can't comment on Dennis' collection as I've never been but I must stress that John's is incredible.  And if you like Disa orchids also... well... He breeds them.

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