Automated TerrariumPi setup - advice on heating/lighting/ventilation?

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I'm hoping to setup a fully-automated terrarium for my carnivorous plants using TerrariumPi. This uses a Raspberry Pi along with humidity/temperature sensors, and can switch on/off heaters/misters etc.

I'd be growing sphagnum moss, along with some Droseras, Dionae and maybe some others.

I was hoping to get some advice on equipment.

What do you think?



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I don't know... simple engineering systems whose operation is static, does not depend on external and internal conditions. Such systems include: water supply, sewage networks, gas pipeline, hot water supply, dust removal systems, power supply, low-current devices. The process of execution and acceptance of such systems does not require special technical techniques and is limited to assessing the quality of work, a bona fide visual inspection of line runs and adjustment or adjustment of individual devices. This here is not difficult, but the terrarium and the installation of all the is quite difficult to calculate all this correctly. I only call guys when I need to do ventilation or new wiring in the attic.

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