Greetings friends!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Tea & I am happy to be here! I just joined up today as I am hoping to network a little and get to know fellow growers of these fascinating plants. I have been growing carnivores for several years outdoors/in cold frames here in the UK and more recently, I have set up some indoor grow lights in order to focus on some of the more delicate plants that require more specific light, temperature and humidity parameters. I would say that my favourite genera are Drosera, Utricularia and Pinguicula most recently, but I have a long-term and deep appreciation for pitchers of all types.

I am hoping that by joining up here, I can learn some cultivation tips and techniques that will help me take my hobby to the next level and make all of my plants happy and healthy!

So, that's pretty much it! Thank you for having me & I look forward to talking to some of you here :) 

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Welcome to the forum Tea.

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