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I've got a very small ceramic container with a 25cm diameter and depth of 8cm, hoping to make an outside mini bog garden with 2 or 3 Sarracenia and lots of moss. Is it possible to make a pot bog garden with no drainage holes or will this be too anaerobic for the roots and submerge them too much? I was thinking of using Purpurea and Flava, but are there varieties that cope better with being more submerged in water? Also is it best to line the bottom with stones? I'm very new to carnivorous plants so any advice would be much appreciated!

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From my limited experience the species that seem to better tolerate flooded conditions are S.purpurea and S.psittacina, I imagine their hybrids would inherit some increased tolerance as well. The bog is certainly shallow, in my climate (semi dry mediterranean) what I would do with that pot and Sarracenia is fill it up with Sphagnum, preferably one that sprouts back (semi-dehydrated or live), it will keep the roots oxygenated, and when you fill it with water the Sphagnum will transpire the excess water relatively fast but remain moist a long time, in my climate all Sarracenia in pure Sphagnum seem very very happy, although I've read negative opinions in some forums and my evidence is only anecdotal, so please do some more research about it if you are unsure.


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I have a hybrid sarra and a hybrid purp that both live in undrained glass vase style pots.

I bought them in Dobbies garden centre a few years back and although I thought they looked aesthetically pleasing I expected to have to repot the plants to something more suitable. Surprisingly they have done fine and even stayed outside through winter with no issues.

The inside of the glass ' pot ' is lined with sphagnum and the middle is peat and perlite. I just flood the pot whenever the green sphagnum turns a bit white, there's been no issues with stagnation which was my main concern....

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