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Meadowview Biological Research Station shipping Sarracenia to Europe?

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Hiya Guys!


I'm here to start this topic about questioning possibility of Meadowview Biological Research Station (or MBRS in short) being able to ship plants rfrom U.S to Europe in future, maybe next year!

If you have not heard about Meadowview before:

Meadowview is a non-profit501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving and restoring rare wetland plants, habitats and associated ecosystems on the coastal plain of Maryland and Virginia. Our particular area of specialization is an endangered habitat known as pitcher plant bogs or seepage wetlands. Bogs are acidic, nutrient poor wetlands which are characterized by a unique assemblage of plants and animals. Many bogs have been lost in Maryland and Virginia through drainage, development or neglect and most of the plants found in these sites are threatened with extinction.  Our goal is to preserve and restore a part of our natural bog heritage by returning the endangered Yellow Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia flava, and the Purple Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea, to their historic ranges in Virginia and Maryland utilizing an integrated ecosystem restoration approach. The carnivorous plant, Sarracenia flava, formerly occurred in eight counties in Virginia and is now down to one population totaling less than 100 plants. Our objective is to have at least one viable population in each county of the historic range. We also are developing a system of bog preserves in Maryland and Virginia which will guarantee the preservation of the unique ecosystems supporting the pitcher plant community

- Our Mission in short: To preserve and restore pitcher plants bogs, and associated ecosystems in Maryland and Virginia utilizing a unique five step process of discovery, propagation, research, reintroduction, and education. To establish a series of nature preserves to protect indigenous pitcher plant systems in perpetuity.


We have been selling carnivorous plants in the U.S for about 20 years but now we're trying to reach out to Europe. I'm doing this post in order to increase people's awareness about our organization and inquire if people here have a bit of clue what it takes to ship plants from U.S to Europe (in case you've bought plants earlier from American nursery) because we'd like to hear from you.


We'd prefer to have one person or nursery to which we'd ship all the plants in bulk in winter and then they'd distribute the plants to individuals.


We're aware of the fact that the plants would need photosanitery and maybe more paperwork but we've just started to investigate this opportunity because we have the national Sarracenia collection here (lots of plants) and it's sure that there are some varieties and cultivars that haven't made it to Europe yet.

here are some photos of our "specialties"



About me: this is my 3rd summer with MBRS. I interned in 2016, went back in 2017 after I graduated as horticulturist from University of HAMK. I've been working a lot with dividing and selling Sarracenia in the U.S. I'm originally from Finland but because of personal things, I''m into moving to U.S rather than going back to Finland., otherwise I'd probably be the person distributing plants :-)


Cheers and regards from VIrginia, U.S


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Great project Siru and hope you work goes well towards your goals. To loose the wild populations would be criminal to say the least but 'business' often seems to have a louder voice than 'conservation'. Some great looking pitchers in the photos too. I've never had the pleasure of seeing the wild sarracenia in the U.S.- been over often but normally on the other side of the Smokies.  Called in at ABG on one trip which was great thanks to Ron's hospitality.  If you sort out the process of getting plants across the pond I'd be happy to be involved on the UK side - I've been growing CPs for over 30 years!




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Sounds like a great idea.Maybe it could be reciprocated too; there may be pure strains of rarer forms in collections in Europe that are not present in collections in the US.

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Mike King has done several bulk orders from him to the US. e.g. 

I'm not aware anything similar has happened in reverse before now, though clearly some US clones are making their way over here somehow.  

If I could add one suggestion, if a means of doing this were established, it would be wonderful if the scope were extended (for a handling and shipping fee of course) to holding and forwarding plants from other US nurseries or individuals (kind of a hub), to really break down cultivation barriers


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