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Hi all,

I'm going to give Tissue Culture another shot in a while. Anyone who would like to discuss some knowledge/ideas/tips with me?

I'm follow the guide here:

I have most of the supplies myself.
For the media I'm thinking of buying this:
Instead of the original MS media. It's okay, right?

Also in the shopping basket is:
- Agar
- ? Needed?

I'm still looking for the right Food Jar Caps, can't find a supplier in EU. 
Also how to know the caps will fit the baby food jars I have?

For the light. Does the seeds need light from day 1 inside the jar? Or from the day they germinated?

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Hi Melle

Saw this had gone unanswered so thought I would add a few things which might be useful.

For the medium, I have used products from Duchefa. Their website has details of the composition of the media they sell, so if you compare these to the phygenera products it might help in your decision. I'm guessing the phygenera comes with culture vitamins and hormones included in the medium and Duchefa sell a similar MS product.

Not sure about the jars, I just used small jars with the original lids, but with tape holding the lids closed (and ants out!), a few holes in top with a pad of non-absorbent cotton wool over them held down with wound dressing material and masking tape.

I don't know the technicalities of the light I'm afraid, but I would say ideally have some from the beginning. 

Good luck!

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Hi Mark,

Thank you! I saw the products on Duchefa. But they don't sell to individuals, right? Only company's.

I bought some PP5 plastic containers, they are suitable for the microwave. After I sterrilize the media in the microwave a let it cool down and but the jars on tightly.
Now just wait for seeds to germinate.

Thanks again :)

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Hi Melle

I haven't had time or space for to continue with tissue culture unfortunately, so have deflasked the plants I had and got rid of the jars. I might have a photo somewhere but will have to look on my old laptop I think. They were basically just standard small jam jars with lids that I bought off ebay. I would make a few holes in the top with a nail and the cotton wool and wound-dressing pad taped down on top would keep microbes out. These were fine to sit loosely on top of the jars while sterilising (autoclave/pressure cooker). I've done the same with polypropylene take away tubs as well, sowing lots of darlingtonia seeds in them. To be honest I'm not sure how important having gas exchange for the culture vessel is for these as they're not exactly fast growing. I'm aware that it's of great importance for faster growing cultures though.

There might be some Duchefa stockists around, Melford and Sigma in the UK used to sell their stuff I think. Something like Murashige and Skoog should be pretty standard wherever you manage to get it from though.

Good luck with the culture!

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