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Question about U. Livida


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Hi all.. I have a U.Livida that i got from Nigel as a section cut out of his pot. It has since been doing very well, ive been keeping it in the same conditions as my sarrs, with a lot of water, almost soil level for the U.Livida and letting it drain down slightly to maybe half the soil level. I was just wondering if these are the "right" conditions, as it has been doing so well, and also what should be done with it over winter? Any info would be cool. Thanks


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Hi Chris,

Ut. livida can live under a variety of conditions. Yours sound quite good for a typical terrestrial utricularia species. I keep mine generally a little drier during winter. Many pots were in terraria, but some had to spend the winter in the cold frame (protected from freezing temperatures). One Ut. livida pot spent the winter there and did well. Not much growth during the cold periods but it came back very well when the temperatures started to rise again.



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