Nepenthes x Bloody Mary - red leaves?

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I have a N. x Bloody Mary. When I got it all of the leaves were green, now about half of them turned red. Is this normal?

The plant is on a bathroom windowsill, it's south-facing with frosted double glazing. It's a fairly small window (about 2 ft tall) shaded by the eaves of the house so the plant is not in direct sunlight. The pitchers are forming fine and there's new growth at the top. All of the red leaves are on the side closest to the window so I'm thinking maybe it's got too much light? Or maybe it's still adjusting (I got the plant a month ago).

Should I be worried? Do I need to do anything?

Thanks for replies.

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I have a bloody Mary ,some of the lower leaves are reddish ,not sure if they were when i got it about 2 months ago , but it has put out 2 new pitchers so i guess its happy ,i also have a suki with reddish leaves but the other 8 various neps are all green ,they live in a terrarium with fluro tube on for 5 hours morn 5 hours evening and an led 4 hours mid day.

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What ive noticed is my ampullaria x (spectabilis x talangensis) gets red easily, ive had to move it. My first bloody mary cutting had a couple of bright red leaves so the owner must have had the same issue and my hants rosette had reddish leaves too but since with me its grow big lush green leaves and is taking over under shade cloth. Since ampullaria lives in hot and humid forest peat swamps and the like im guessing its susceptible to strong light. Nothing to worry about unless it starts to burn of course like others have said, red leaves are purely up to the owner's preference.

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