Nepenthes hookeriana - newbie help needed

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after a spontaneous trip to a garden centre I now have a Nepenthes hookeriana (it's in a 9 cm pot so fairly small plant with several pitchers)... Since it's my first ever Nepenthes, I need a bit of help to keep it happy. I know it's a lowlander so needs to be warm and humid all year round. 

At the moment it's in the bathroom on a south-facing windowsill. Can it stay there? It's quite humid but I suspect not humid enough (Drosera capensis is happy there). Or do I need a terrarium (I don't have one but could use a plastic storage box for the time being - lid on or off?). If it's in the box, the humidity/temperature will be higher than on the windowsill. What about light - direct or indirect? The other possible location for it is south-facing bedroom (warmest room in the house but humidity is lower). Thanks for all replies in advance! :) 

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Hopefully a response will still help you. Hookeriana is a cross between 2 lowlanders - ampullaria and rafflesiana. Ampullaria is pretty dominant when it comes to temperature needs and lives alongside bicalcarata, both love hot and humid conditions. The cross itself is easy to grow, i'd suggest in the box but the lid off, that way water can evaporate away from the media easier and provide warmer conditions if needed and you can put it on in the evening/night to provide higher night humidity if youre worried about it.

Indirect sunlight is definitely better as ampullaria being a forest swamp nepenthes doesnt seem to have the tolerance to direct light. I'd definitely let it get some diffused direct light each day if you can though, a piece of 50% shade netting or a 99p net curtain sample on ebay if they still do them.

If you can manage 23+ day and 16+ night it should be easy to grow, humidity 65%+

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