Pinguicula from Abruzzo and fundraising for earthquake victims

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Dear All,

We are glad to to inform you that the first AIPCMagazine of 2018 has just been published.

This is a very special number, completely dedicated to a field trip in Abruzzo, a marvellous region from a naturalistic point of view, but also rich in culture and traditions and, above all, in Pinguicula (three species, P. vulgaris and the endemic P. fiorii and P. vallis-regiae, two subspecies, P. vulgaris subsp. ernica and P. vulgaris subsp. vestina; we present also P. vulgaris subsp. anzalonei wich occurs just across the border of the region).

Unfortunately, this is also a wounded land, struck in recent years by devastating earthquakes that have caused many victims. AIPC has decided to dedicate an entire magazine to this beautiful region and start a fundraising through the sale of this journal in Italy and abroad. This was certainly a spontaneous, symbolic almost dutiful act, immediately shared by the Board and all the members of AIPC.

We have decided to donate the funds collected to the population of Campotosto, a village in Abruzzo that has the sad record of having been near the epicentres of the worst earthquakes that have recently struck central Italy.

Obviously at the end of the fundraising we will inform you of the amount obtained thanks to your help.

You have 2 options:

- you can donate 20 € or more and you will receive also the hard copy of the journal (shipping costs included)

- if you're not intereste din the journal you can donate the amount you orefer (also less than 20 )


Here the link to the page of our website where you can finde more info on the way of donation: LINK

Many thanks for your help!

Maurizio Saroldi, AIPC Editor




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