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Hi all, In a couple of days I will get this table. 

I would like to plant a couple of Dionaeas and Droseras into it. 
Can I put in directly in to the ground? 2:1 peat:perlite? Or better to keep potted?

Can it stay outside? (Netherlands) the whole year? 


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Yes, as long as the Drosera you put in there are temperate (like Drosera anglica and rotundifolia) or really tough species (like Drosera capensis, binata or regia), it should always stay outdoors. The climate here is fairly similar to the one Venus flytraps are from, and species like Drosera anglica, rotundifolia and intermedia are native to our region. The tough sundews like Drosera capensis aren't native and they'll look like they died when they freeze, but they come once the temperatures rise again.

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