Drosera 'Watari' dormancy?

Luz Negra

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Hi everybody!

Has anybody experienced dormancy in a Drosera 'Watari'? Mine flowered one month after I got it in September last year, and a while after that it started to decline, and lost all leaves in winter. At the same time temperatures started to get lower, so I don't know if the decline was due to flowering, the temperature drop, or the light period (14 hours in spring and autumn, 12 hours in winter).
I thought it had died, but kept it moist during winter just in case, and now it is developing new leaves.
It is growing indoors in a grow rack with natural light supplemented with LED lights. Temperatures are now 23°C during the day and 20°C at night. When it started to decline temperatures were like 3-5°C lower during day and night. Humidity is around 60-70%.

Below is a picture of the plant around the time it started flowering.
Any idea what could have triggered this dormancy period and if it can be avoided (for instance, not letting it develop flowers)?




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