Using pure sphagnum to grow sarrs.?

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Hi there, 

Was wonsering about using just sphagnum moss with no other ingredient in the soil (no sand or perlite etc etc) to grow the sarracenia. 

Have seen people posting previously about how their sand or perlite has has made their soil anoxic so was hoping to avoid that with a pure sphagnum moss soil. 


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Hi Alcibiades

I've tried growing Sarracenia in sphagnum in the past (just sphagnum and also with perlite) but wasn't happy with the results. The plants seem to bury themselves and sitting in a tray of water makes the moss at the bottom of pots rot. I do like using sphagnum for plants which I don't water by a tray, instead watering from above (Nepenthes) and also as a top dressing with a little in a peat/perlite mix for Darlingtonia, which sit in a tray but with daily (or when I remember!) overhead watering to flush some air through.

Other people's experience may well be different from mine though. I have seen S. purpurea growing in clumps of sphagnum in Cumbria so it may well be possible to get good results. I suspect that having the right species of sphagnum (what I've bought online is I think from pine woodland rather than moorland), growing in shallow pots and keeping the water fresh could be important.

Some of my Sarracenia are in the traditional peat/perlite 1:1 mix (regular peat and Moorland Gold) while most now are in Melcourt Growbark/perlite/Cornish Grit 1:1:1.

Good luck with whatever you decide on,


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