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Saving a rotten vft bulb

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Just to say, I saved one of my vft. Small plant was bought from a hardware store and deteriated very quickly with a rotten bulb. Removed bulb and washed and cut away all blackness just leaving whatever white was left.

Couple of weeks layer and a new leaf has started emerging. Go team me :yes:

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It's good when that happens. I have had my VFT's in a Melcourt mix for a couple of years now and they have been going downhill. I repotted in a coir mix this Spring and they have been getting back into the swing of things after the cold spell. So far, six out of twelve pots are growing. I am hoping more will pop up.

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I found a few soggy brown bulbs too whilst repotting recently, including 2 of my favourite clones..... I also removed all the crud and repotted. I'm glad to say my " lunatic fringe" that I feared was done for is pushing up a trap, I'm hoping the " osswell giant" will follow suit...

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