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Melcourt Growbark Stockists near Oxford

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I'm looking for somewhere to buy a few bags of Growbark, preferably near Oxford, and was wondering if anyone knew anywhere that stocked it. BHGS in Evesham don't currently have any it seems and if possible I was hoping to avoid getting it by a courier.


Ps. Even if it's miles from where I am, if you know of a current stockist and think others might be interested please feel free to post it here.

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Thanks David, my back up was to order some by courier. I contacted a couple of garden centres near me and Wheatley Farm Shop were very helpful and ordered some Growbark in for me, so I've picked them up this morning along with some garden plants. They don't normally stock it but said they can get more in if they're given some notice.

-edit- Since then I have also picked up some Melcourt SylvaGrow from the Wantage Gardeners Association (membership £1 per year) at a good price. They didn't have any Growbark or the Melcourt Horticultural grit (the finer grade) that I've been using in the Sarracenia mix but offered to order some in if wanted.

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