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Byblis playing with its food?

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While hunting around for CP's yesterday I came across a little drama being enacted. A small black ant had walked onto a Byblis aquatica. There was a busy ant trail nearby but none of the other ants came anywhere near the Byblis. Likely this ant had become a little too adventurous and strayed.

It was too strong to be easily glued up but looked like its antennae were all gummed up. It could move around on the plant fairly easily but constantly stopped and tried to clean its antennae, without success though. It didn't seem to be able to find its way off the plant.

There were a few small insects trapped but the ant paid them no attention. Obviously it wasn't trying to rob some food, at least not at that stage.

This afternoon went back to see if the ant had finally got away or had succumbed. Unfortunately I couldn't locate the same plant again.





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