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I’m wondering how people especially in the UK are going on this year with regards to re-filling water trays.  Currently, I’m still just sparodically watering to keep them damp, but the plants are starting to wake up so really need the trays filling.  The only concern I have about doing so, is that we’re forecast another bout of severe winter weather so don’t want them to freeze totally solid. 

The weather this year is so erratic, one week the temperatures in the polytunnel are pretty high and the next they’re in the minuses.  

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I've just partially filled all my trays down here in Kent Pic....

The sarras were remaining pretty damp anyway but the vft's were beginning to dry out so their trays were filled . 

I just checked our extended forecasts and temperatures are gradually rising here over the next 2 weeks, I know you're further north but the outlook doesnt seem to worrying. It's personal choice and gut feeling really Pic, personally I had a poor season last year, fingers crossed for a better one this year ! 

Cheers Blocky

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I have been filling my trays for about three weeks now ,(somerset) as my plants have started waking up and sending up flowers ,as for them freezing solid ,that has happened to mine a few times over the last few winters and they just shrug it off .


Just thought that i would add that even through the winter i keep about a half inch of water in my trays ,when that is gone i top it up again .

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They're fine being frozen solid, and they'll still be blocks of ice whether in or out of water (if the weather is cold enough). We only keep them damp in winter to avoid botrytis developing in the dark and damp still air.

Outside you can keep them permanently in water.

Anyway, this weekend doesn't look too bad. Just cool and wet, and a light frost Thursday night. There isn't a Beast 3 on the way.

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Thanks, I’ll top them all up, so that they can benefit from the extra water.


To be hoped not Alexis, although the snows are now forecast for Monday, but fingers crossed they’ll miss us.


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