Sad ceph's


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My little collection of ceph's are not looking happy at all. 

Two nights of -9 and a -11 seem to have pretty much wiped out any top growth, I was going to move them to the garage and out of the worst of the weather but never did, that'll teach me !.

I'm expecting/hoping the bigger clumps will slowly recover from the roots but I had several young plants and seedlings that I'm not confident will recover at all... 




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blocky,       its happened to mine too,but they are in large 8-9 inch pots.   Last year the european hummers was hammered,i left it until september and was going to use the pot to pot on a smaller ceph.when i pulled out the old compost i found 7 small growth points just below the surface,so i just put it back,its fine now just smaller. years ago my smaller cephs in little pots all died when they were frozen for a while.  A couple of days you might get away with if you're lucky.


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