Aeonium pruning/propagating


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I have 2 aeoniums that don't want to branch and are getting a bit top heavy. So I thought I'd prune them to help them and create more...


I've watched a video of how to do It, but it didn't say when. Does anyone know what time of year? I'm thinking Spring, but don't know whether to do it soon or wait til they are outside in warmer weather.


It's Velour and Swartzkof (sorry not sure of spelling)


I have a lovely green one that smells of lemons which has branched naturally and I thought the Velour was going to do the same.


I have bought myself 4 more, which arrived today they are small, but all so different.... Whoops going to need more roomb1c669ea9800dbbaafcd49e49695addf.jpg5ba5a69bfecdf7c7734c426bdfcac5a8.jpg9c94b1118c20329df75c80e747060a04.jpg


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