The fastest heliamphora growing?


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Helly guys,

Im growing a few hely since last year, and i appreciate how them are growing under my condition (in my terrarium), so i decide to ask you a question cause i want to implementate my collection with a really fast growing hely.

So which is the fastest growing heliamphora in your opinion? 

thanks in advice to everyone!


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All Heliamphora are really slow growers compared to most other plants, but the Heliamphora nutans on my windowsill sends out pitchers like there's no tomorrow. In the past 6 months it's gone from 1 growing point to 5, and as soon as each pitcher is fully grown the next one is on its way. All it needs is water and light.

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Yes, I know. My H. nutans doesn't seems to be particular quick grower, I think H. heterodoxa x minor is quicker in my conditions. According to this website  H. ciliata should grow quite fast, but sadly I don't have it. I was just wondering which Heliamphora doesn't take ages to grow from juvenile to adult size. :)

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