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how to get rid of moss


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Last year I've bought a u. bisquamata it was a nice plant but there was a big layer of moss in the pot. The plant grew a bit slower in the winter and now the moss is getting bigger than the plant and I'm afraid that the moss will suffocate the little leafs of the utric. How can I get rid of the moss without damaging the leafs of the utric? If it isn't clear I can take a picture tomorrow but now it's too dark.

Take care


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Don't think there is any way to completely get rid of the moss, without harming the Utrics...

Moss will always find a way to infiltrate where they find suitable growing conditions, so starting a new pot with only Utrics planted, and discarding the moss overgrown one, will only solve the problem till new moss spores fibd their way into the new one.

I'd say only way is manual removal with long nose tweezers, to keep the moss in check.

In my setups I find the Utrics don't actually mind the moss cover, they still grow well and flower all the time during the warmer seasons.

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I apologise for reviving an old thread, but I thought my experiences fit in quite well with the Topic.
In my indoor terrarium I have several Species intermingling with mosses. I use a 1:1 mix of Sphagnum and Perlite as a substrate which I keep flooded to the substrate surface.
The mosses are thinned out regularly at present; however the most dense growth of my Utricularia's occurs when the mosses are undisturbed. Indeed the only dense areas of U.deliculata "Whangamarino Swamp" in this set up are found growing below dense Sphagnum growth! I theorise that the Utric's like the extra humidity, but that is just a guess.
The only troublesome weed is what I think is a kind of Liverwort similar to Riccia fluitans (the floating Aquarium plant) in form. This forms very dense patches of  growth indeed and grows quickly enough to smother less vigorous Utric's. I thin it out wherever possible with fine forceps or eyebrow tweezers.
Cheers from Bill.

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Looking back, the utric was probably doing bad because the water level was too low. I still have loads of moss growing with my utrics but now growing nearly submerged, they don't seem to mind.

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