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Identification, please?

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A few years ago I purchased some Nepenthes labeled as "N. Burkei (x Alata?) Mt. Halcon" from Best Carnivorous plants, and all had green pitchers with red speckles when young, some with a pitcher body more slender than others. A few weeks ago I found that one in particular was growing red pitchers with green speckles:


It is a very dark red, almost brown. I can't find any pic of a N. Alata this dark, and the peristome does look like N. Burkei. Any idea of what kind of cross it can be?


Also, do these seedlings look like they can be N. Sumatrana?


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The first picture reminds me N. ventricosa x sibuyanensis x sabre dark chery but I don't think this it.

But 100% sure that it's not pure burkei.


For the second photo, yeah, it looks like sumatrana indeed

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Thank you for you replies!


Did BCP sell plants from BE? I remember that these in particular were listed with three of their own clone numbers, mixed, as the same product.

They don't seem to sell Nepenthes anymore, so I can't check.

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On 14/3/2018 at 9:57 PM, gardenofeden said:

I’m sure BCP sold these as burkei “possible hybrid”

I found the email order, and it was listed as a possible x Alata hybrid as I said before:

Nepenthes burkei { x alata?, Halcon, Philippines} [BCP ID# N295, N297, N298] / 2+ plants, size 3-10 cm


But it looks like a Burkei x Alata? Because I can't find any pic of a N. Alata that looks like this.


Seems it is going to grow its first upper (tendril on the back). The new pitchers, when inflating, already have the mature coloration.

The other plant from the same order is almost identical to the N. Burkei pics I can find online, but the peristome is flared and more ribbed like this one.

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