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My name is Kyle and I am new here! I do a bit of fish keeping at the moment but looking to refocus onto the growing of carnivorous plant's. I have previously grown venus fly traps and that was the spark that got me interested in more. Well I hope to talk to other members here and gather information so I can begin. 

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Welcome to the cpuk I think everyone started with a vft you will get a lot of help on here.

but get ready to have deep pockets with lots of money if your married don't tell the partner

how much they cost or you going to get broke giving them their cut loool

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Hi and welcome to the forum. After being on here for a month or so you'll have access to the Sales page which is a good way to begin your collection.

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Thank's for the warm welcome! It's been a while. Summer 2018 I had a very successful VFT grow along with an "Adrian Slack"

I love growing carnivorous plants. Such a beautiful evolutionary tool they developed. Nature is fascinating. 

Unfortunately over the past few months, constant frrezing and thawing has killed my VFT's. I went to repot and the rhizome was brown, and soft with a terrible smell. Rhizome rot it seems. 

I recently purchased 3 plants of B52 VFT's and Drosera binata Giant from a Nursery in the UK. They arrived on thursday. Doing well enough under a 200 watt CFL. 14 hours of light per day. Keeps them around 28-29 Celsius. 

I purchased 5 more B52 from another UK nursery and they get shipped February 1st. 

Excited for this year. Next winter I am storing all plants in a refrigerator for dormancy. 


I am using 100% New Zealand long fiber spagnum moss in tall 3 liter pots. 






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