Does white mold / mildew kill seeds?


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I have some various Drosera seeds germinating that have developed white mold/mildew on the soil surface. Some of the pots have quite significant mold growth and others just a little. I've read that white mold doesn't hurt the seedling (don't even know if that's true but read it on numerous sites) but I can't find any info on if it will hurt the seeds before germination occurs. Can anyone help with this topic?

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White mold is quite often some ordinary mushroom mycel. Probably there is no common answer. It depends.

In non carnovorous plants it helps sometimes even to germinate(break dormancy). In some its absolutely necessary like many of the orchids. Different plants interact with different mycel.

I had germination in some hardy Drosera and some Sarracenia which had white mold on them. With drosera only little germination. Under controlled conditions mold starts with me on dead or empty seeds.


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