Early Hibernation Of Squamosa. What Now?


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Hey all,

I have a Drosera Squamosa that all of the sudden decided to hibernate despite all criteria for it's growing cycle being met. It was kept quite cool (about 17 degrees Celsius and below) and wet and was growing beautifully for about 6-7 weeks. Then out of nowhere it died off. I cut its water intake and moved it to my warmest room and just checked the tuber yesterday (one month after apparent death). The tuber looks really healthy! I have no idea why it decided to hibernate for no reason at all. But my real concern is what to do now. The days are getting longer but the weather here is freezing and will remain within the plant's growing season for several months. Do I try to grow the tuber again or let it sleep until next year? Also, if I let it sleep, how should I do so? Collect the tuber or leave it be? How dry do I need to keep it without being too dry? Any advice on how to go about a watering regimen to keep it at the correct dampness for hibernation? This is my first tuberous plant and also my favorite. A detailed answer on this for a novice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You keep it dry. Bone dry.

For more control I'd place it in a ziplock bag in a cool place indoors and let it do what it wants. When it begins to grow repot and water. If you're lucky it'll hold back until next autumn.

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