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Do you recommend repotting?

The Rolds

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Yesterday I got a baby N. x ventrata, all nice and healthy looking, but the soil is pure peat, black, little bit gunky and with some algae on the top, so you can see it has been watered quite a bit, my question is; should I wait for acclimation to repot or do I do it right away? I don't wanna lose it to root rot, I also don't want to lose it to shock though. Right now it's in a transparent mini greenhouse where I keep humidity at 90%, indirect bright light, temperature around 20ºC, and I have peat, perlite, and Sphagnum for repotting it. Thanks for the answers.

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Ok, now it's 75%, I plan on acclimating it to the windowsill, it was in a garden center, it's a Carniflora plant, I know they have problems exporting mixes so they use peat, but I don't know how much Nepenthes last in pure peat... It's 20cm. across from the tip of one leaf to the opposite, its biggest pitcher 7cm.

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