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Deep/small growth point


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Hello, i have a couple of vfts and they grow slow...I noticed it is because their growing point is so small...The plant itself is growing but the growth point appears to be really small and hidden beneath all the light and medium. Does anyone have any idea why some vfts have this problem? My plants are now growing kinda slow so i try to uproot the plant and bring their growth point to the top but it is still very small and covered by the leaf

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I wouldn't worry too much, if you provide the right care. dm's need a winterrest. In the winter they slow their growth, or even stop all together. You keep them on the dryer side then. 
In the spring/ summer they start to grow again. When they do, put them with their feet in the (rain)water! I had mine coming back from almost nothing. 


Please give us an update after some time! :)

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