Problem with N.rafflesiana


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Well, I have a problem with N. Rafflesian's pot. Previously it was the same with N.reinwardtiana and he died. It appears that the leaves turn yellow> curl> brown. The cone of growth changed color and it was very windy, so I honored it. The rest of the cone changes color, the one in the middle looks ok but it probably starts to deteriorate.
Watering every 2-3 days Conditions on the southern parapet, 19-25 C humidity 30-50%. Subsoil peat, perlite, sponge, dead moss. What could be the reason ? I exclude pests.I suspect over watering but i dont know.





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It could be it was too cold as well.  I had a giant rafflesiana in the house that did well for a few years, in a warm room, but when moved somewhere cooler in a new house it went pretty much like yours.  You best bet would be repot in live sphagnum and keep it warm and humid (maybe with a bag), keep the spagh moist and the plant with good light (but not sun if its in a bag).  Worth a try but i wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a recovery.

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