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D. Gigantea from seeds

Ben Roche

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Hi everybody ! 

I am just getting ready to "sow" a batch of seeds for cold stratification (sarras, dionaeas, darlings).

And i have some D. Gigantea seeds.

But i'm not sure about how to sow them. Im not really sure about stratification for gigantea.

Can someone clear my view about it ? 





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Hi Benjam,

it's the wrong time of the year (at least in the northern hemisphere) to sow D. gigantea seeds. And they do not need a cold but a "hot stratification".

You surely know that they are tuberous. I treat them like most of my tuberous drosera seeds: I sow D. gigantea in summer (July) and put them to a sunny hot place. 

After sowing I allow the pot to dry out completely. In September I start to water again and to keep them wet. With colder temperatures and shorter days you will get germination approx. in November/December. In the best case. And then you need some years patience to get them grown to adult plants.

I just took a photo with a pot of 2-year-old seedlings (sown in summer 2016). In the first year most of them stay in a rosetted stage, in the second year they start with an upright growth.

Good luck!


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Hi Nigel,

I would really like to read this article, but can't find it.

When you write "CPS", so you mean the UK CPS, or ICPS ? And need I be member of it to reach articles ? 

Sorry for this (maybe obvious) questions, but I'm new by here, and not really on point about those societies.

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Don't worry! It's the UK CPS the article went in. It also went in the December 2013 Plantsman, one of the RHS magazines. Message me your email address and I'll send it to you.


Nigel H-C

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