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Plant/Seed Trading Within the EU

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I've only sent plants abroad once before. At the post office I was asked if the parcel included seeds (it didn't, just plants) as, according to the person serving me, there was some sort of restriction on sending seeds to the (EU) country they were going to. I checked online before and even more thoroughly afterwards and couldn't find any sort of restriction, so presumably this was misread from whatever list the post office had. 

I was just wondering if anyone had some definitive answers on this/a list I can look up and present if I am questioned in future. As far as I am aware, plants and seeds can move around the EU freely (maybe excepting certain high-risk plants/plants with an important CITES classification). 

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As Nigel says,you can send them in the EU, the post office just don't want to,so say you can't.

simple answer is lie through your back teeth,tell them its a t shirt or stuff you sold on e-bay,door knobs,anything but plants

much less hassle.


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A lot of the refusal of the post office to accept plants for postage is down to people claiming compensation in the past for "dead" plants,so now the knee jerk reaction is not to accept them at all,       as before just lie!

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