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Ok, so I am a gardener and I carry around a couple of pots to collect bugs in to feed to my CPs. I recently found a big juicy angle shades moth caterpillar. "Ah!", I thought "Perfect for my young and thriving Nepenthes northiana!" So home I took it, and into the pitcher I placed it.

2 days later, this is what I found!





"Oh no!!!" I thought to myself, "What next??" It was pretty big, so I hoped that if I'd lost it for good that it was just about to change into a pupa.

Anyway. I resolved to keep checking around at night. Last night - nothing. This morning, 2 metres across the room!...




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20 minutes ago, CactusChris said:

May be silver y moth catterpillar.


No way Chris. No hairs on this beast. It was Phlogophora meticulosa. One of the most common caterpillars in England. It also comes in brown. Always close to the ground.

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Hi Ali :biggrin: They are pretty much the only caterpillar that damages the plants in my gardens. The biggest problems with them are they will eat just about anything and they are very good at hiding.

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